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John Poorman's 1969 Chevelle SS 396
John Poorman of Colleyville, Texas is the proud owner of this beautiful 69 Chevelle SS 396. The following text was submitted to me by John:

1969 Chevelle SS-396 2dr hardtop
Engine:454 block + .030
396 forged steel crank
Rotating assembly balanced
Yields about 430 cu. in.
10.0:1 compression ratio. Runs fine on 93 octane
rectangular port HI - PO heads(moderate porting)
Engle hyd. cam lift .559IN;.570EX 292/308 duration;108* lobe centers
Dart intake (single plane)
Carburetor Shop 934c.f.m. Holley w/speed blocks
Hooker Super Comp ceramic coated 2 1/8" headers
MSD 6AL ignition 2 step module and timing control module
Nitrous Oxide Systems (cheater model) capable of 250H.P. with largest jets installed
Engine Dyno'd at 450 H.P. With Nitrous approx. 700 H.P.
Car has run 12.10's on the motor

3" Flowmaster mufflers with 3" mandrel bent tailpipes

Rear End:
Chevy 12 bolt with 4.11:1 gears

B&M TH 400 with B&M shifter
TCI 3,500 rpm stall converter

Autometer fuel,oil,volts,water and 5" monster tach with shift lite

Cragar Super light II's
15x7 front - B.F. Goodrich
15x8 rear - B.F. Goodrich 275-60
15x8 rear - Hoosier Quicktimes 295-60 (wheels drilled to pin tires to wheel)
Competition Engineering adjustable shocks front and rear

Car completely stripped to bare metal in 1994 and all sheet metal repaired or replaced.
No rust on car. Entire glass replaced in 1998
Car is painted in Corvette yellow with graphics and is clear coated.
All new moldings, mirrors and complete grill added at time of body shop work.

John would like to hear from fellow Chevelle owners, his E-Mail address is:

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I would like to welcome anyone who would like to see their 1969 Chevelle displayed on this page, click here to send a picture and a brief description.

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