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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I was wondering if all the 1969 (396) SS Chevelle 2 door sport coupe's had positraction rearends, or was it a option for this year? I have one with a 3:31 non-positraction and was wondering if it is the original one or if it should have a positraction?

Answer: A positraction differential was never standard equipment unless fitted with a 4.10:1 axle ratio or higher. It is a common misconception that all Super Sports came with a poitraction rear-end.

Question: I wanted to know the difference between a standard Chevelle, the SS, and the Heavy Chevy.

Answer: 1971 brought forth the unveiling of the new Heavy Chevy model. Delayed by a strike at GM, this new Chevelle model did not make its initial appearance until March of 1971. Because of its mid year introduction, it did not appear in any dealer brochures.

This new sport coupe featured a domed hood with locking hood pins, reminiscent of its forefather, the Chevelle SS. Other features included; 14 x 6 inch rally wheels without trim rings, special body side stripes, and Heavy Chevy decals on the hood, fenders, and trunk lid. In addition, a black accented grille and headlight bezels were added to complete the package.

The Heavy Chevy could be ordered with any V-8 engine, except for the 454 which was reserved for Super Sport duty only. The total package added slightly more than $100 to the base sticker price of a Chevelle. The Heavy Chevy was introduced as a budget oriented alternative for those seeking the look of performance, without the high insurance costs associated with big-block Super Sports. First year sales for the Heavy Chevy were lackluster, with just 6,727 units produced.

Question: Did any Chevelle SS come from the factory with a 427 motor in 1967?

Answer: To the best of my knowledge a 427 was never installed at the factory in a 1967 Chevelle SS. There may be some examples where 427's were installed by dealers such as Yenko, Berger, etc..

Question: What type of engines came in a '71 chevelle SS?

Answer: Basically there were four engine choices for the 1971 Chevelle SS. It was also the first time since 1965 that you could get a small block engine as part of the SS package. The engine choices are listed below.

365hp 454, 300hp 402, 245hp 350, 270hp 350

Question: Were the wide hood stripes an option for the 1969 Chevelle?

Answer: The wide hood stripes were never a factory option on a '69 Chevelle. It is rumored that a few dealerships did apply these stripes for customers late in the model year. The first year for the RPO D88 Sport Stripes to be applied at the factory was 1970.

Question: I have a 1966 Chevelle. How can I tell if it is a Super Sport?

Answer: For 1966 is it easy to determine whether your Chevelle is an SS or not. You can determine this by checking the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). For two-door hardtops, the VIN will start with the numbers 13817. For two-door convertibles the VIN will start with the numbers 13867. If your VIN begins with any other sequence, it is not a Super Sport.

Question: Do you know if you can find out from GM (with a VIN) the original equipment that came with a particular Chevelle? My Chevelle is heavily loaded and some people just don't believe me. Hoping I could get some proof.

Answer: If your Chevelle is Canadian built, you can obtain a copy of the options on your car from General Motors of Canada. Unfortunately, the same is not true if you own an American built Chevelle. No one seems to know why the Chevrolet division in the United States did not archive such records.

The second edition of Chevelle SS 1964-1972, A Muscle Car Source Book can be ordered from JC Publishing, PO Box 796, Watertown, MN 55388, or at The price is $24.95 plus $3.95 for shipping and handling.

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