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Gregg White's 1969 Malibu

Gregg writes:I purchased my first car in 1978. It was this 1969 Malibu . Well a lot of the car has changed, being a young dumb kid I removed the AC, 307, powerglide, open end rear, blue interior, bench seat and transformed the car into a potential race car. Although it did hit the drag strip a few times it is nothing worth mentioning, cause I really didnít have the experience to pull off good times for the equipment the car has.

In 1979 I repaired the panel rust and painted it a new coat of glacier blue, well I did the body work prepped the car for paint and a fellow shop guy painted the car in his garage. At this point it still had the original engine, trans and rear, but no AC, cause that would have slowed me down Ė right!

In 1981, having gained a lot more experience in the boy shop I stripped the car down, replaced the front fenders, installed a 396 (402) .60 over, 4 bolt main, square port heads, domed pistons, solid cam, roller rockers, dual point distributor, torquer manifold and holley carb, 400 trans and 12 bolt rear. Striped the paint off the car and started to pain it blue again, then got a crazy idea. The body work was looking real good so I painted it black. The interior was a mix of colors and never really that strong as most of my limited funds was to maintain the gas and minor upgrades and lots of beer.

1984 I took the car completely apart in my parents garage and installed new quarter panels, striped passenger and trunk floors, and refinished them nice with glacier blue and flat black pain in the trunk. Repainted the metal dash area and glove box as well. Pulled the frame off the car, detailed the underside, rebuilt the rear inner fenders. Pulled all the components off the frame and had that sand blasted and repainted it along with all the linkages. Rebuilt the motor and trans and installed 373 gears and a posi unit for the 12 bolt. Installed black interior from another 69 that was given to me from my girl friends aunt. Then after assembly I painted it. Now I met my wife so things slowed down a bit.

The car has sat in various garages since 1986 and has spent the better part of 16 years in our garage. Occasionally I start it up and wash it, run it at night so that nobody can see the car in day light going down the street as it is not perfect and I expect more. Since I have been out of the body work business since 1983 the car has been neglected. My son turned 20 this year and he asks me all the time to load the insurance up and drive it. Although he is responsible that still has not happened.

Over the past 10 years I spent a good deal of money buying sport bikes and racing them at the track. Bikes and trailers, tires, gas and $$ after $$ and the Malibu sits. There are times the car has had so much dust and cob webs that it is just wrong! So now Iím back in the mood to get this car redone. Spoke with a local shop and he came out to see the car, gave me a price and time schedule and the car will be taken apart in the next couple of weeks to get its final coat of paint before I sell it or give it to my son!

Now I donít expect you to put this write up on your page, just felt like giving you a bit of this cars history.

The car went from being a potential drag car to a legit cruz vehicle. It has the guts of a SS with almost a complete engine detail of factory parts with the trim of a Malibu . The interior has the buckets, center console and factory tach and gauges. Lots of new GM parts from purchase back in the 80ís and local swap meets and purchases during the 80ís. Overall the car when driven gets a good deal of attention even at night.

I still have a good deal of factory parts in their boxes ready for the final restor to come to an end and land on the car.

Posted: 09/28/2013

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