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Dennis Byard's 1964 Malibu SS
Dennis Byard from Southern California writes: I restored Tweety Bird about 10 years ago. Tweety was built in the Van Nuys California plant the 1st week of July 1964. The car has the original rebuilt L74 300 Horsepower 327 V8 one of only 1737 equipped with this engine. It is has the original rebuilt M20 4 Speed Transmission and G80 Positraction 10 bolt rear end. It left Van Nuys with 3:08 gears however it has been changed to 3:55. It is also equipped with U16 Factory Tachometer and Gauge package and N40 power steering. The car has been repainted the original factory 943 Goldwood Yellow and the interior has been restored to the original 714 black vinyl with bucket seats. Some of the upgrades include: BF Goodrich TA radial tires on 15x7 Cragar SS wheels, power front disc brakes, Pertronix pointless ignition system, Edelbrock Performer EPS aluminum intake manifold, Edelbrock 600 cfm carburetor, 69 El Camino rear sway bar and control arms and a Hotchkis front sway bar. I have all the stock components in storage including the stock carburetor and intake manifold, sway bars and the stock wheels and SS hubcaps. I have put about 18,000 miles on the car since it was restored. I love taking it car shows and driving down the highway.

Posted 04/30/11

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