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Dave & Sandy Webb's 1965 Malibu SS
This Tahitian Turquoise Chevelle is a real L79 car with the original 350hp 327 under the hood. It is also equipped with the M20 and a 12 bolt posi. It belongs to Dave and Sandy Webb and underwent a complete frame off in the early 90's. The car was purchased new in June of 1965 by Dave's parents and has remained part of the family ever since. His mom worked for a Chevy dealer at the time and his dad was trying to locate a Z16 Chevelle. With only 201 of them built, they were hard to come by so he checked off the order sheet for this car instead. All of the sheet metal is original even though the car was the family daily driver for the first 5 years of its somewhat pampered life. The interior was redone with the correct white and 2-tone aqua materials. The color combo is a real attention getter and Dave and Sandy enjoy cruise-ins and showing the car occassionally.

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I would like to welcome anyone who would like to see their 1964 Chevelle displayed on this page, click here to send a picture and a brief description.

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