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Chris Bergsma's 1969 Chevelle
Chris writes: The 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle is my daily driver, and I have known this car most of my life. This car has been in the family for almost 18 years, we are the second owners of this car. My father restored this car over sixteen years ago and at one point had it for sale. When I turned 15 my dad said I could have this car, but I would need to do some of the work that would be required to restore this car once more, as it was damaged when our home burned in 1994.
With the help of my dad, we disassembled the car down to bare body and frame. Some of the things that have been done to this car. Body completely strip of old paint, vinyl top and prior bodywork. All front end sheetmetal blasted with walnut shells, minor rust repair to both fenders. Inner wheel houses powder coated by Aluim-Art plating and powder coating,all body hardware, fasteners, hood hinges, door, hood, deck lid latches re-plated. Rust repair done to both quarter panels, all rusted areas completely cut out and areas around rusted areas sandblasted to remove all traces of rust. New panels were fabricated by my father and heli-arc welded into fenders and quarters. Upper rear body panel (panel below back glass) was replaced. Floors were rust free even though this car came from Colorado. Original Malibu trim was removed in favor of SS style trim including SS hood, all emblems removed except for “Chevelle” on the deck lid. Complete undercarriage cleaned and stripped and sprayed with black Imron. Engine 355c.i. V8 350 HP, machine work done by Wilson Bros Grinding, assembled bymy dad, originally he was building it to look stock so original intake and carb was retained. Transmission was built by Luke’s Transmissions in Riverside, CA. All bodywork was completed by my dad, along with the awesome looking paint and graphics, the car was block sanded every step of the way including the final color sanding before buffing. Transmission and exhaust are the only two things that we had done by someone else. All of the work was completed at our home except for the final painting, which a spray booth was rented.

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(from Caracus Venezuela)

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