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Jamie's 1967 Chevelle Convertible
Jamie writes: In 1967 this Chevelle was built in Kansas City, Missouri and sold at dealership in Youngstown Ohio. The son of the original owner had painted the car Chevy orange and in 1977 sold it to my brother for $500 at Fort Sill Oklahoma. In 1979 my brother went to college and left the car with my father who painted it red. In 1981 at the age of 16 I came into possession of the car and have had it ever since. In 1982 I painted the car Corvette white with light blue Super Sport stripes. In 1984, I worked part time in an auto body shop and took the car down to bare metal and did what body work I could manage and painted it GM Provincial White. In 1987 I reworked the body again and painted it Capri Cream. I have had the top replaced three times and the interior twice. I have just recently had another top installed and replaced the front drum brakes with disc brakes, it really stops on a dime now. Would recommend the modification it to anyone who is a weekend Chevelle driver. In Jun '03 I finished the Frame Off Restoration after beginning in Jan '02.

The original color from the factory was Granada Gold Metallic, black interior and bucket seats. It is currently equipped with a 220hp/283 engine, 4-barrel carburetor, TH200-4R transmission and 3.08:1 rear axle ratio.

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I would like to welcome anyone who would like to see their 1967 Chevelle displayed on this page, click here to send a picture and a brief description.

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