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DG Adams' 1970 Malibu
DG writes: It's a sbc 350 with a 700R4 trans, 10 bolt rear with 2.73 gears. The car has about 160,000 miles on it. The engine is an 86 with ported iron heads, with a Weind Al. intake, and some old Edelbrock finned Aluminum valve covers. I don't know much about the internals of the engine, but it appears to have been decked (partially machined pad on block), and pulls pretty good. It's got lots of lope, so I suspect some kind of performance/RV cam. The 700R4 needs the linkage corrected, but I bought a kit from Bow-Tie Overdrives just before I had carb problems this winter. The headers are rusty and the 10 bolt is on it way out. I recovered the front and rear seats myself and a local upholstery shop installed a new headliner. Everything was from PUI, except for the carpet which is I think was ACC. I have a freshly rebuilt 70 LS6 12 bolt with a rebuilt GM 3 series limited-slip carrier and Richmond 3.73 gears ready to go in. I started priming a Goodmark cowl induction hood. The car is not on the road right now as I took off the front clip and had the fenders repaired (common rust spot). The fenders have been stripped, etched and Epoxy primed.

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