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Mike Connelly's 1966 Chevelle SS
Mike Connelly writes; I bought this car new and I still own it. This happened kind of by accident. I never really thought about keeping it this long, but over the years when I tried to trade it or sell it I never got an offer I thought was high enough.As it got to be about ten years old it really didn't have much value so I thought I would keep it for a while longer. In 1979 I decided I needed the garage space and I was going to try and sell it. A local car enthusiast convinced me to hang on to it and he said he would rent me a space to keep it so I could free up my garage. I stored it at his building for about four years and didn't even see the car during that time.In 1983 I decided I was either going to get it back on the road and enjoy it or sell it. I got it out of storage rebuilt the carburetor, got it inspected, and put classic registration on it. We have been enjoying it ever since. The Car is a 396 325 HP 4 speed and is pretty much original. The paint has some flaws as it is the original lacquer. I had the original exhaust with the exception of the tail pipes until 2002 when I replaced the mufflers with flowmasters to get a better sound. The head pipes are still original. This car has never been in snow as it was always stored from November until April even when it was New. We have a great time with it at the local cruises.

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