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Jose Lazarit's 1969 Malibu
Jose writes: I just got this car this last Saturday, March 6, 2004. I got it from the original owner. He had it in his garage and he said he hardly ever used it. Besides the beauty of the car he also shared his story on when he got it back in 1968. It was September he said. He was 23 years old and was only making $1.15 an hour. The sticker price was $2,300 but with all the taxes and his 3 year loan, he said he paid up to $5000. When he brought the car home, he said he couldn’t sleep just to check it out his window. He live in an apartment so he was afraid someone might take it. He then rented an enclosed garage to park it nearby. His daughter was born in it he said. On her daughter’s wedding he paid $5000 to fix the original 350 engine and for a paint job and tires. He gave it to her as a gift. She returned it to him the next day. Not her style. He was disappointed and abandoned it in his garage.. 3 years later I show up and he was glad that I had an interest in it just like he did back in 68. He told me to just give him his $5000 he paid for to have it up and running. I gave it to him and the story continues. This weekend I couldn't sleep. Every noise I heard made me look out the window.
email me!

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(from Caracus Venezuela)

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Don Lightfoot's 1969 300 Deluxe SS 396
Dennis Fullerton's 1969 Chevelle
Ed Hutcheson's 1969 Chevelle SS

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